Pet Friendly Home Decor -Color Therapy Part 8 Violet/Lavender

The color of Violet (Lavender), rich and deep or lightest pastel, is associated with inner sight, inspiration, and creativity. It is relaxing and peaceful, and facilitates meditation and metaphysical connections. Violet helps lift depression and is beneficial in the treatment of nervous and emotional disturbances.

Violet (Lavender) is a great color for comforting new babies and baby animals. It is believed that violet (lavender) gives inspiration to an animal during training or difficult tasks, and can promote calm and dispel depression.

Violet (Lavender) encourages restful sleep and therefore is common in bedroom decor. To take advantage of its soothing effect without overpowering side effects (unrealistic and impractical energy), dusty purple is mostly used. The good companion colors include white, grey and sage.Violet Office Purple Couch Lavender Bedroom


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