Pet Friendly Home Decor – Part 10 White

Decorating with white with accent colors and pattern White as an accent Decorating with white with touch of zebra accent Decorating with white with turquoise and tangerine as focal colors

White is often associated with purity, simplicity, balance, harmony, clarity, perfection, inner light, spiritual enlightenment, serenity, and divinity. It is selected for purification, meditation and healing as well as blessing new beginnings, like a wedding.

The full light color spectrum is white color. In the other words, white contains all colors and all their attributes/benefits. It is believed that exposure to white light can benefit all parts of the body and the balance the system.
White is an easy color to work with on home decoration. It works well with all other colors since it contains the entire light spectrum. When decorating a room around white, do remember to break it up with one or two focal colors and don’t go overboard. Too much purity may make the space feel cold and unapproachable. For pet households, white as the main color (especially as floor and furniture colors) is a good choice for families with white or light-colored pets; while not a good choice for families with black or dark-colored pets. However, families with dark-colored pets can still decorate with white as a wall color or window covering, or as an accent color.

White and Black with a touch of gold accent


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