Pet Friendly Home Decor – Part 11 Pink




The color of Pink is often associated with nurturing, motherhood, kindness, caring, acceptance, friendship, contentment and unconditional love of others.  Rose tones express affection and encourage those around it to behave in an affectionate manner.

Pink, in all of the varying shades, is soothing and encourages creativity and artistic exploration.  The richer shades of pink can help to improve self-confidence and assertiveness while the paler shades are more protective and supportive.  It is believed pink can help emotional healing and tension relief, alleviate jealousy, grief, sadness, youthfulness and calm violent emotions. Some prisons use limited deep pink tones to diffuse aggressive behavior.  Pink can also be used to calm an aggressive dog or hyperactive puppy.

When using pink as a wall color in large area, try a neutral take on pink or choose a pink shade with purple tones.   Choose a neutral wall paint color, such as beige, with a pink undertone and add on some small decorative items with pink details.  Orchid pink, a pink with purple tones, is wildly lush and not at all juvenile. 

Another way to incorporate pink into home decoration is to apply it to accessories.  A darker shade of pink, with either slightly brown or blue undertone, such as dusty magenta or orchid pink, adds just the right dose of subtle color to a room.  Or, try a pink with a past by adding vintage red furniture, which gives a room a mature, wise air.  







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