Our Brand

It was born out of compassion. While watching our 14 1/2 year old 95 pound mutt, Cartman, slowly and painfully stand up, we realized an orthopedic bed would help to relieve and support his arthritic joints. The challenge was finding the right bed. The high-priced, yet limited, selection indicated the need to create an affordable, high-quality, stylish and easy-to-maintain Orthopedic bed for aged pets. After refining various prototypes, we defined the bed construction that offered support and relief for his aching joints. At the same time, we created a design collection that will complement any home decor. And, ez living home™ was born.
ez style – ez to complement home décor
ez care – orthopedic beds make it ez to care for and pamper pets at any age
ez maintenance – “water repellent” material and ez-removal covers (extra-wide 2-sided L-shaped zipper)

Pet Friendly Home Décor

Our pet beds and coordinated accessories make home decoration ez. Choose from Decorative Pillows, Window Panels, Crate Covers and Couch Protectors to accessorize your décor. You design your décor and it’s ez!

Senior (and younger) Pet Needs

At ez living home™, all products are made with high-performance fabric. Cleaning pet accidents and spills is ez with our treated water-repellent fabric. Orthopedic memory foam topper Pillow Beds and super fluffy Couch Beds will surround your pet with luxurious comfort.


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